Thursday, June 4, 2009

Copyright 2009 Gerti M. Blackwell

There once was a very strange lady
Juddlebebobug, for short.
She loved to go down and sit by the pond
And practice her newfound sport.

Athletic now, she wasn’t
Stamina .. she did not possess.
Maybe this was just her way
Of relieving some of her stress.

She went down to the pond most every day.
Watching the frogs as they made their way
Across those lilypads, they ran
Then back again, to where they began.

So one fine day, she made a choice
And speaking in a low deep voice.
She warned those frogs to move aside.
Juddlebebobug was gonna take a ride.

She tested the water with her great big toe
Then stepping onto a lilypad, away she did go.
Hopping one to another, as fast as she could.
Juddlebebobug was actually pretty good.

Then suddenly, much to her surprise
A bull frog landed right between her eyes.
The pad flipped over, and down they went.
Landing on the bottom, like a block of cement.

Floating to the top, and gasping for air,
The big bull frog still had her by the hair.
Flipping her over, he pulled her to shore.
Then puffing out his throat, he gave a bull frog roar.

“Woman, if you tip toe on my lily pad again,
I can’t be held responsible for the pain you’ll be in.
These are my pads, and this is my pond.
So when I look up again, you had better be gone.”

Juddlebebobug left very wet and sore
Her lilypad jumping days, were to be no more.
But she gave herself credit for what she had done.
Tippy Toeing across those Lilypads
Sure had been fun.

Written for another of my very dear friends
with a wonderful sense of humor.

2009 Gerti Blackwell


Judy L Wilson said...

I loved my lilly pad, to bad it sunk on the way to see Colin in Ireland... Love my poem and thanks and the site is looking good !

Colin Moffett said...

Love this silly poem!Judy I am sorry your lilypad sank. Gerti your site is looking very good. God bless