Thursday, June 4, 2009

Copyright 2009 Gerti M. Blackwell

There once was a very strange lady
Juddlebebobug, for short.
She loved to go down and sit by the pond
And practice her newfound sport.

Athletic now, she wasn’t
Stamina .. she did not possess.
Maybe this was just her way
Of relieving some of her stress.

She went down to the pond most every day.
Watching the frogs as they made their way
Across those lilypads, they ran
Then back again, to where they began.

So one fine day, she made a choice
And speaking in a low deep voice.
She warned those frogs to move aside.
Juddlebebobug was gonna take a ride.

She tested the water with her great big toe
Then stepping onto a lilypad, away she did go.
Hopping one to another, as fast as she could.
Juddlebebobug was actually pretty good.

Then suddenly, much to her surprise
A bull frog landed right between her eyes.
The pad flipped over, and down they went.
Landing on the bottom, like a block of cement.

Floating to the top, and gasping for air,
The big bull frog still had her by the hair.
Flipping her over, he pulled her to shore.
Then puffing out his throat, he gave a bull frog roar.

“Woman, if you tip toe on my lily pad again,
I can’t be held responsible for the pain you’ll be in.
These are my pads, and this is my pond.
So when I look up again, you had better be gone.”

Juddlebebobug left very wet and sore
Her lilypad jumping days, were to be no more.
But she gave herself credit for what she had done.
Tippy Toeing across those Lilypads
Sure had been fun.

Written for another of my very dear friends
with a wonderful sense of humor.

2009 Gerti Blackwell

Copyright 2009 Gerti M. Blackwell
Way up yonder
in the Ozark Mountains ..
High on a hill,
under the Arkansas sky.

Lives a very sweet lady,
with a mule named Willy..
He’s the King of the Mountain,
and that ain’t no lie.

He was raised from a baby
with her two loving hands.
The love he has for this lady
is something she understands.

The other horses, dogs, cats and goats
don’t stand a chance.
Willy lets it be known
he rules over this ranch.

He thinks he’s quite human …
he’s a jealous beast.
Don’t get too close to this lady,
unless you want your hair creased.

If you think you can come between them,
don’t be a fool.
Cause hardheaded Willy
is a one woman mule.

Written for a special lady in the Ozark Mountains
and her very special Mule, Willy.

Copyright 2009 Gerti M. Blackwell

It is one thing to critique
It is another to be just plain rude.
If one’s style does not agree with yours,
Doesn’t warrant an attitude.

There is just one God, but many churches
To administer to each one’s needs.
When we gather with Him on Judgement Day,
We’ll be judged by our hearts .. not our deeds.

He didn’t make us to all sound alike,
If you’ll remember the Tower of Babel.
But love is a language we all understand,
And we show it in ways we are able.

When someone is speaking straight from the heart
It doesn’t matter if the words are in rhyme.
Jesus spoke beautiful poetry,
Free verse done in His way and time.

So to anyone who thinks there is only one way,
And to rhyme makes the only good poem.
Look outside self and open your mind.
Who knows …. you just might enjoy’em.

Copyright 2009 Gerti M. Blackwell

When you open up your Bible
Is it all that you’ve been told
Does the Word of God fly off each page
And touch your very soul.

Do you start from the beginning
Or flip right to the end
Is there somewhere in the middle
That is calling you my friend.

Whenever you feel down and out
And need a helping hand
If you prayed someone would lift you up
Take a look down in the sand.

He is everything you will ever need
You might ask .. “How do you know”?
My answer is very simple
“Because the Bible told me so.”

Copyright 2009 Gerti M. Blackwell

I am so looking forward
to that glorious day,
When i stand before Jesus
and humbly try to convey,
what my thoughts, words, and deeds meant,
though He already knows.
His Cross covered my sins,
His Blood made me whole.

So no matter what happens
in the flesh … on this earth.
When we accept Jesus,
His gift is a re-birth.
We need to keep looking forward,
moving on from the past.
For the love of our Saviour
is the only love that lasts.

Copyright 2009 Gerti M. Blackwell

Right before dusk
When it’s quiet and calm
She gets out her camera
Held tight in her palm.
Sitting down at a distance
Primed, ready to shoot
The gray doves congregating,
Not giving a hoot.
They mingle and cluster
Some sit on their perch
Waiting their turn
Then they all give a lurch.
Straight down at the food bank
Piled high on the ground
Not one will leave hungry
When they head homeward bound.
But oh, what a show
They put on for their host
That’s the least they can do
For their host with the most.
Some flutter in mid-air
Some act camera shy
Others stand on their friends backs
At least they give it a try.
These are some of God’s creatures
So whatever we do
We need to feed and protect them
Or she might turn her camera on you ….

Dedicated to the lady with the acrobat birds

2009 Gerti Blackwell

horse ridin' heart breakn' cowgirl Pictures, Images and Photos

Copyright 2009 Gerti M. Blackwell

Walking down that winding road
With her memories in her hand,
She sat down beside the babbling brook,
Too tired now to stand.

Slowly opening her Journal,
Pages wrinkled, soiled and torn,
She gently turned the pages,
Her heart heavy and forlorn.

He was such a special person,
This she knew right from the start.
When it was time for them to say goodbye,
She was left with a broken heart.

They didn’t have a long time together,
But their time was spent with love,
For each other and their family
And the Good Lord up above.
How long has he been gone now..
Has it only been half a year?
She sadly read the final passage
About the man she loved so dear.

With a heavy sigh, she closed the book,
And laid it on the ground.
Tears were streaming down her face,
When she thought she heard the sound,
Of his laughter, that she loved to hear,
Floating on the air.
Reaching out her arms, she called his name,
Believing he was there.

When she realized it was just her mind
Playing tricks on her again.
She laid down on the cool green grass
Praying she could go be with him.

Someday, Lord, please someday soon
Take me where there’s no more pain
Where there’s no more night,
And Your Light shines bright,
So I can see my “Baby” again.

In memory of the only man I will ever love
David Blackwell
12/11/1950 – 08/05/2008



God gave her beautiful big blue eyes
With freckles on her nose.
Her energy is boundless
Cause she runs everywhere she goes.

Her laughter is contagious,
Her sense of humor no surprise.
Her Daddy is a cut-up,
An unknown comic in disguise.

She’s very compassionate,
And wise beyond her years.
Whenever she sees me sad,
She wipes away my tears.

She takes my hand when we walk alone,
Then smiling shyly up at me,
She whispers oh so softly,
“I love you, Granny G.”

She’s a very special gift from God
A one of a kind, sweet little doll.
That's why He sent her down from heaven,
As a Blessing to us all.

I knew right when I saw her,
She would give my heart a whirl.
She is, and always will be
Her Granny’s Angel Girl.