Thursday, June 4, 2009

horse ridin' heart breakn' cowgirl Pictures, Images and Photos

Copyright 2009 Gerti M. Blackwell

Walking down that winding road
With her memories in her hand,
She sat down beside the babbling brook,
Too tired now to stand.

Slowly opening her Journal,
Pages wrinkled, soiled and torn,
She gently turned the pages,
Her heart heavy and forlorn.

He was such a special person,
This she knew right from the start.
When it was time for them to say goodbye,
She was left with a broken heart.

They didn’t have a long time together,
But their time was spent with love,
For each other and their family
And the Good Lord up above.
How long has he been gone now..
Has it only been half a year?
She sadly read the final passage
About the man she loved so dear.

With a heavy sigh, she closed the book,
And laid it on the ground.
Tears were streaming down her face,
When she thought she heard the sound,
Of his laughter, that she loved to hear,
Floating on the air.
Reaching out her arms, she called his name,
Believing he was there.

When she realized it was just her mind
Playing tricks on her again.
She laid down on the cool green grass
Praying she could go be with him.

Someday, Lord, please someday soon
Take me where there’s no more pain
Where there’s no more night,
And Your Light shines bright,
So I can see my “Baby” again.

In memory of the only man I will ever love
David Blackwell
12/11/1950 – 08/05/2008